Imagine yourself sitting out in your backyard, stretched out on your lawn chair, lemonade sitting at the ready beside you, and a good book in your hand. Sometimes, the book falls to your side as you doze off for a minute or so at a time. It’s peaceful, serene, and completely wonderful. It’s the good life. Suddenly, the neighbor two houses down powers up his leaf blower. Then, as if they coordinated it, the neighbor two houses down on the opposite side of your house fires up his lawnmower. So much for peace and quiet. Now, while you are driving a vehicle, you aren’t exactly kicking back and nearly falling asleep, but it’s still nice to have a quiet drive, isn’t it? Perhaps that is why you are interested in a Buick luxury automobile anyway-the possibility of a quiet ride. Buick has just the thing: QuietTuning™. How does Buick QuietTuning™ work? Read ahead.

Why is it important to have a quiet cabin?

A quiet cabin can keep you calm and collected during your drive. Plus, it allows any passengers to have meaningful conversations without having to shout at one another as if they were in a bar. Buick QuietTuning™ is a process that works to reduce and block noises and vibrations from outside. It uses triple door seals, acoustic-laminated glass on the windshield and front sides, and unique tuning of the suspension to make this work.

A luxury automobile should feel like a second home, and that is the aim with this technology. It allows you to feel comfortable and at ease, and every drive will feel far more rewarding. If you have more questions about Buick QuietTuning™, please give us a call or stop by our lot today and we will be happy to explore a number of different new Buick models with this feature, so you can hear (or not hear) for yourself.

How do you use Buick Smart Driver?

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